I usually don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes it’s just the right moment for a change.

As you might have noticed I haven’t been writing any reviews on babywearing products since Emile’s birth last summer.
It was just too time consuming and took all the joy out of babywearing. I ended up being focussed on ‘how could I describe this wrap?’ when wrapping or wearing my children.
I also felt a lot of pressure, not having the choice to use another wrap because I had to finish up a review soon.
I can’t write a review based on 2 short babywearing moments, I need to wear it in different carries and for longer periods. This takes time, time where I didn’t wear my other wraps.
I didn’t get paid for my reviews and the time I invested, so I decided not to write any babywearing reviews any longer.
Will I start doing it again? I might… we will see 🙂



New Year’s resolutions

”Spend less time trying to capture the moment and spend more time enjoying it”

Yes, I used to have my phone or camera close at all times. To snap a picture of my children, my wrap(s), to share with family, friends and on social media.
I used to take most of my babywearing pictures outside, during our walks. One day I realized I didn’t really took the time to enjoy our walk, because I focused on the camera and the pictures I wanted to take.
This is the reason why you will see less babywearing pictures made during our walks now. I snap some pictures before we walk out and some more when we get back in.
It feels much better to be able to listen to what my kids hear and to see what they see, not seeing everything through my camera’s lens.
On Instagram I do share more pictures, when I take a quick snapshot during our walk or in the middle of play with the kids.
I feel like I’ve found the perfect balance now.

Digital detox

This is part of my resolutions too. Trying to spend less time on the internet not being productive.
I’ve recently installed rescuetime, an app /  add on which monitors the time spend on websites or apps.
The first number were pretty shocking. I left a lot of Facebook groups, unsubscribed a bunch of (junk)mail and cleaned up my timeline.

I also sort my mail and don’t answer most of them immediately. I’d rather work through a lot of them when I have time for it, instead of giving a quick answer when a mail comes in on my phone.
This might mean you have to wait for a few days when you send me a message. I’m sorry 🙂

I will write more about my digital detox in a few weeks, to share my progress and experience.
Wish me luck!

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