I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, but somehow I’ve been too busy to finish writing.




I’ve met Michal Rybak and his wife Monika in Poland when I visited Lennylamb. After my visit he created a beautiful video for Lennylamb and I shared it with the words ‘‘I’d love to have something like that for myself too!”. I decided to make this dream come true. Michal and Monika traveled to Germany to capture my family life.
A few months later I would be moving to Holland, so this video was a way to have an everlasting memory of our home and the beautiful town where we’ve been living in Germany.





My main goal was to introduce myself, babywearing and my channel (on YouTube) to everyone.
As babywearing is more than just wraps I wanted to show different kinds of carriers: an onbuhimo, a ringsling, a woven wrap and a half buckle.





In the video you’ll see a Didymos woven wrap (Lisca rainbow!), a wildbird ringsling, full buckle by Isara, an onbuhimo by Madame Jordan and an Oscha Slings half buckle carrier.
It was hard picking which product/brand to feature, but I feel quite confident about my choice for these products. Brands I personally love from different countries and in different price ranges. Showing the versatility of babywearing in all aspects.


(* the beautiful Unicorn is made by Ostheimer Wooden Toys and is a limited edition)

Michal is the one who came up with the combination of me, speaking, and the video material. As my other videos are without speech, this might be the first time where you will hear me talking. Those comments were fun!

Outfits: Slugs and Snails , Maruma Kids, Crawler, Ultrachic Milano.

Some outtakes , just for fun!

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