Early december last year I’ve decided to buy handmade products as that year’s gifts. Supporting small shops and business owners, instead of big brands.
I found Coolawoola on Etsy, where I’ve been searching wool clothes for the girls. I loved the look of the products right away! The capes are made from (used) wool, angora, merino and cashmere clothing. Every single one is different and she takes custom orders if you have specific colour wishes.

I ordered pink & purple for my youngest daughter and a blueish one for my eldest. During the process she kept me updated and made sure it would be ready in time for Christmas.  Lena, the lady behind Coolawoola, send pictures of the fabric after she’d cut it to check if I liked the colours she picked out.

The package did make it in time for Christmas and the capes were perfect. I ordered myself not one but two after I saw the girls in theirs. It makes you want to swirl around, to show it off!

My girls both love their Coolawoolas. Often people compliment the girls on it or ask where to get one. It’s only one layer of wool (or cashmere) which makes it perfect for fall and mild winter days.
For cold winter days I would suggest adding an extra layer underneath when the kids insist on wearing them. The coolawoolas have been worn almost daily for the last few months and keep up with the wear and washing very well. You can fold the sleeves over so it fits for a long time and I already know we will order bigger ones when the girls don’t fit these anymore.

A few months ago Coolawoola showed a new product on Instagram, a long skirt. Made out of Lennylamb wrap fabric, with the same upcycling style known from her other products. I love my rainbow skirt!
You can find Coolawoola on Etsy and she has her own website too.

I could share loads of pictures, but I’ve tried to reduce it to a few of my favorites 😊

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