Maybe you’ve already noticed my gift selections on pinterest, I’ve been browsing through webshops and brands to select some favourite gifts for every budget.


I will start with some favourites that retail around/below 15 euro (without the shipping costs). Prices can be different depending on the country or shop, as I mostly shop in Dutch and German webshops you will find some links to those. You can google the product name + brand to find a retailer close to you.
Some of these gifts make great stocking fillers or are a nice suggestion for friends / relatives who want to gift something small.

Starting with some toys we already own and have been favourites of my two girls:



  1. Wonderworld police car – Wonderworld offers a wide range of eco-friendly vehicles. They are made with rubberwood, a renewable resource. This wood is harvested when rubber trees no longer produce latex and need to be replaced by new rubber tree plants. For every rubber tree that’s cut down, there will be two new ones planted.
    Wonderworld only uses non-toxic paints, lacquers and formaldehyde free glue.  (Pricing: around 15 euro)
  2. Grimms small water waves stacker – With a lenght of 14cm it’s indeed small, but still very versatile. Kids can stack, build, use it in combination with other building blocks or animals. Made out of lime wood, painted with non toxic water based color stain. (Pricing: around 14 euro)
  3. Ostheimer animals – Dogs, cats, birds, a lion or an elephant… No matter what the favourite animal of your child is, you can probably find it at Ostheimer. Handcrafted wooden animals, made for children’s hands. The wood they use comes from sustainable and local forestry. The products are painted and finished with organic oil, to preserve the natural qualities of the wood. (Pricing: small animals around 10 euro)
  4. Grimms Casa Luna – Is it a little house for a fairy or a gnome? These building blocks can be used by itself or combined with other blocks or figures. (Pricing: around 10 euro)
  5. Ostheimer dwarf – Available in different colours (seven dwarfs). I gave my daughters both a dwarf as a lucky charm when they started in their new Kindergarten. (Pricing: around 12 euro)
  6. Schleich horse – Not a wooden toy this time, but we love the realistic Schleich animals. We have a couple of horses in a felt basket and especially Alice (almost 3) loves to play with them. There are some Schleich fairies on her wishlist too & I think we will have some dinosaurs in the future. (pricing: 7-10 euro)
  7. Legler zoo building blocks – 50 pieces, natural and coloured. The perfect amount the build some houses or a big tower. (pricing: 15 euro)
  8. Ikea box – Perfect size to store the Legler zoo blocks. 80% recycled paper. (price: 5 euro)



Another favourite here: playsilks! They are used for dressing up, decorating and building tents. (depending on the size the prices are around 10-15 euro)





Usually we also gift something to wear. Beautiful socks, or maybe a nice wool undershirt. Spending a bit more on a otherwise ‘basic’ item.

My kids love crazy socks, so Celine got some ‘unmatching’ socks (5 euro). Alice didn’t even want to take her knee-high socks (14 euro), with little heart hangers, off when she went to bed.
The hairclips are also a cute accessory, they can’t seem to have enough of those. 🙂

The playon crayons come in a set of 12. They are stackable, easy to hold and strong.
The packaging is 100% recyclable and the crayons are certified non-toxic. (13 euro) 





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Use the code: WELCOME GERMANY  at their website


On my search I came across these little fellows, Poketo wobble animals (there’s a fox too!)!
So cute, added it to our wishlist! (pricing: 12 usd)

wobble_racoon_side_017 wobble_owl_quarter_009
We use a digital wishlist, where friends/family also have access and can strike out a gift when they ordered it so other people will see it and don’t buy the same gift.
You can use your amazon list & add products of other websites too. It’s so easy to keep it up-to-date, whenever I come accross something I like I will just add it so I don’t forget about it.

For more inspiration you can take a look at my pinterest board <15 euro !

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