Consumable gifts

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be very hard.
Especially when they seem to have all they need/want & don’t have a wishlist.
I don’t want to give something that will end up laying around and not being loved.
If you give a consumable gift it won’t last forever. It will be ‘used’ and mostly is about an experience, to enjoy and to remember.


Something to eat or drink
This might not sound very exciting, but it can be! Spoil someone with products they would probably not buy (frequently) for themselves, or products you know they love and use.
Fairtrade, vegan or organic products make a great gift. Chocolate, wine, candy, nuts, cheese, hot chocolate, tea,  coffee beans… You can probably come up with other ideas too.
In some countries there are companies selling (montly) boxes with vegan, organic or just ‘foodie’ products. ( Germany: foodist , USA: vegancuts , Australia: nourishedlife )

Most brands offer giftsets. As long as you know which kind of product the person will love, it’s not to hard to find something.
I’ve pinned some options, like a gift set for chocolate lovers and a wine tasting set.  (more here) 

Maybe you can buy something local, like honey or products that are only sold in your region or country.

If you’re looking at buying chocolate, you might want to take a look at Tony’s Chocolonely and Lovechock. Lovechock offers a wide range of products made with raw chocolate, sweetened with coconut blossom nectar. Some flavours are pecan/maca, cherry/chili and goji/orange. Sounds delicious, right? The flavours offered by Tony’s Chocolonely will make it even harder to choose. Chocolate with caramel & seasalt, milk chocolate with rhubarb or one of the limited editions (almond & seasalt or popcorn ‘discodip’)…. Tony’s Chocolonely’s goal is a 100% slave-free chocolate industry, they buy directly from farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast for a fair price, to offer you a fairtrade, organic product.


Something to bake

Yes, it’s something to eat in a way, but this also makes a great gift for kids. They can bake (under supervision) some (christmas) cookies or muffins. Optional you can gift some cookie cutters, a cute apron or make a paper chef hat which can be recycled after use.
Put the ingredients in a jar, for some recipes the recipient would need to add some milk, butter or eggs when they want to bake.
You can find a lot of jar-recipes online, for example: cookies, pancakes, chai tea, muffins or hot chocolate (with mint!). You can even search for vegan options, or gluten free if you’d like.
If you don’t want the hassle of filling up a jar, you can buy baking sets online.


Care products

Showergel might sound a bit boring, but if you pick the right product it’s not boring at all. Gift natural products for some me-time and extra skincare.
Bathbombs make a great gift, for those who have a bathtub. Lush and bomb cosmetics offer fresh, natural and handmade products.
How about some ”Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair ” or ” Dirty Springwash ” for those who prefer to shower?
Buy some organic care products for a baby, or soon to be mom. ( Naïf, Petit & Jolie )
You can make care products and gift them. ( a nice lip balm or scrub )



I love candles and oil burners. Beesway candles make a beautiful gift. This is something you might find on a Christmas market or at the local farmer’s market. You can also find them online, in different shapes and colours. Maybe you know if the person you’re gifting to owns a oil burner? You can gift some (organic) scented wax melts, or buy essential oils.
A scented candle is nice too. I love this christmas themed one!


Laundry detergent

Okay, laundry detergent might be a bit unpersonal (or too personal if you’d like), but it’s something that’s used (a lot!) and will always come in handy. Introducing something new like soap nuts might only be a suitable gift for someone you know who would be willing to try it, but I just wanted to mention it. 🙂 You can also buy natural household cleaning products here.


Giving a giftcard for an experience is a great way to give someone quality time with a loved one, or an experience by themselves they would never forget (skydive!) .
There’s a lot to choose from, something useful like ‘skid control lessons’, a lasting memory if you gift a photoshoot, ‘ferrari for a day’ or maybe an escape room experience for your brother and friends.
If you don’t want to make the choice, you can gift a general giftcard, but giving a movie giftcard or a dinnercard for a restaurant of your choice is fun too.
Give your family a zoo or museum membership, if you all enjoy to visit it on a regular base.

If you’re giving a giftcard, the packaging can make it the best gift ever. A puzzle box for giftcards will keep everyone busy trying to figure out how to open it. ( here’s an example )





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