With Christmas coming up I want to introduce some of my favourite brands to you.
When I share pictures on Instagram there are always questions about the toys my girls are playing with, so I thought it would be fun to show them and tell something about the brand itself.
Maybe you already noticed that we mostly have wooden toys. They might be more expensive, but the craftmanship and quality is worth it.
With some luck you might find some toys with a discount or you could consider buying second hand.
Grimm’s also sells some second quality products sometimes, with a lower price because of an optical flaw.
(I bought most of our Grimm’s collection on sale!)


Grimm’s Wooden Toys is a German brand and you might know them mainly from the big rainbow stacker. It seems like the nr. 1 toy to get if you’re buying something at Grimms.
All of their products (including the colour and oil) meet the european standard for safety of toys (EN71) and the US standards.
The wood they use is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe.The products are coated with natural oil and stained with water-based colour.
They offer a wide range of different products in bright colours. If you aren’t a big rainbow fan, you can also find a selection of products only finished with natural oil.


I love open ended toys, children can use their imagination to create almost everything with the building blocks, stackers and little peg people.
They have toys for different age ranges. You can find grasping toys and rattles for a little baby, stackers, building blocks and pull-along toys for your (around) 1 year old and puzzles, sorting and learning toys for bigger children (with numbers, counting and maths). They offer products in every price range. The 12-piece large rainbow retails for a price around 55 euro, but there are also smaller stackers available for lower prices.


It’s always interesting to see what the children create with the blocks / stackers. Alice is very focused on the peg dolls and almost automatically puts colours in the ‘rainbow’ order if she’s playing. Celine is more in to creating big objects, towers or cities. We also have the numbers 1-10 and where Celine (4,5 YO) already counts and puts 10 beads next to the number 10, Alice (almost 3) will put the green beads next to the green number.


The toys are very versatile, I would love to do a ”30 days, 30 ways to build/play with the rainbow” challenge 🙂 I have seen lots of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.


Here is some rainbowstacker fun:

(combined with the 7 ‘rainbow friends’)


The numbers 1-10 :


(combined with beads)


Sorting game rainbow bowls:

combined with beads)


The 7 rainbow friends and their bowls:



We also have the 4 elements stackers (big) and the element water (small)


And our big curves were a real bargain (50% off!), it’s interesting to create walls with these shapes!




I think these toys will last very long, so far I’m impressed with the quality. I would expect the colour to fade or get scratched, but they still look good!
As a Christmas gift I’ve bought a second numbers set (1-10) for Celine to play with higher numbers (she’s trying to learn how to count to 100 and recognizes some numbers already)
I also bought a magnetic puzzle, I hope it will make a nice car-toy (for our trips to holland) and a small stacker for Emile.

If you want to read more about Grimms, check out their website and their facebook page.
I love following them on Instagram for building inspiration.

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