I wrote about Ostheimer before, as I love their heirloom quality figures.
A week before Christmas I stumbled upon a (discounted) Ostheimer creative set and decided to get it for my girls as a Christmas gift.

Ostheimer creative set

The creative set contains five (unfinished) wooden animals, a piece of sandpaper, two brushes and Stockmar paint.
You can buy unfinished animals or figures separately , so I bought some extra animals and figures too.
The prices for unfinished animals or figures range from 4 to 9 euro. They have an Ostheimer stamp, just like the original finished figures.

My girls love to paint, I knew they would be very excited to work on their own personal figures.
I printed some pictures of Ostheimer figures as an inspiration, hoping they would try to paint them to look like the figures they already own.
But the only one trying to give them the usual Ostheimer-look was me.

We had a great afternoon, but ran out of figures quickly. The paint will last so we can get more figures or just use it to paint on paper.
The colours in the creative set are red, blue, green, yellow and a darker red. I would have preferred to have a black too.

Celine and Alice did the sanding all by themselves, their figures could have used some more sanding to get the usual rounded shapes of Ostheimer.
The effort and love they did put in their work amazed me. Even if the finished product doesn’t look like an original, they are beautiful!

They figures still get played with and are very loved by the girls.

You can finish the animals with (bees)wax if you like, we didn’t.

Some pictures:
(Can you spot ‘Elmer’ the elephant?)


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