This is a toy where adults always ask how children should use it… but no child ever needs instructions for it.
A rockerboard can be used in many ways. It’s a balance board, bridge, slide, wall, chair and a puppet theater.
It’s even suitable for adults to use to strengthen their core or practice their sense of balance.

Some examples of use:

Fun?? #wobbel #rockerboard

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Practising writing 🙂 #wobbel #rockerboard

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She was moving to quick for a picture 🙂 #rockingboard

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I bought my first rockerboard on Etsy ( at Sence of Balance ) and recently we added a second rocker board from Wobbel.
I made some comparison pictures. You can see the Wobbel has more layers (18) of wood pressed together. The maximum weight limit is also higher on the Wobbel. (100kg)
The Wobbel is available with an (optional!) felt or cork layer added to protect your floors. With our first rocker board I ask the girls to keep it on our carpet because I don’t want it to scratch the floors in our rented home.
The cork layer on the Wobbel looks great and suits our playroom perfectly. The Wobbel is heavier compared to the rocker board I bought on Etsy, but with 4kg my 4,5 and 3 year old still can carry it around or turn it over without any trouble.

You can use your rocker board outside, but it will wear quicker and I wouldn’t leave it outside overnight. Can imagine it to be fun in our garden in summer!
The Wobbel is CE certified, you can find details on their website.

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I love the cork & felt options for the Wobbel and you can also get a logo, hand painted drawing or name on your Wobbel if you’d like.



I didn’t need to tell my children how to use their rocker board and with more use they keep discovering new ways to play with it.

They play with one rocker board together, or combine the two rocker boards in their play.

It’s important to teach the children to keep their fingers away from the sides/ends and it’s best to play without any socks or shoes on.
The Wobbel with cork is not suitable for small children who could put small pieces in their mouth, I would say the regular version rocker board is suitable from 18 months + .









Two videos: 

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