As you might have seen I’ve spend last weekend in Frankfurt, to learn with and from other babywearing consultants and professionals at the ‘Tragenetzwerk Treffen 2016


Tragenetzwerk is an organisation with similar goals as Babywearing International, to promote babywearing and make it accessible and widely accepted.
The association has a high standard for their members, to make sure they keep improving their knowledge and are active in the community.
Every member has to work on further education (visiting at least one training / course a year), has to attend meetings with other educators or to promote babywearing and/or Tragenetzwerk on fairs on a voluntary basis.

The cool thing about Tragenetzwerk is the fact that it unites babywearing educators from different babywearing schools.
In Germany there are many Babywearing schools and trainings, who teach some things differently. The exchange between these educators is very valuable, you can learn a lot from the experience of others (in my opinion).
We had some cool workshops and interesting lectures. For example a lecture about the art of weaving, an other lecture about fathers/male caregivers and a role play game about boundaries.
I’m still a bit sad I missed the wrapping workshop. Emile had a high fever and we went back to the hotel.

Next year this meeting will be in a different city, I’m hoping I can be there too. It was soo much fun & I love to learn from other educators. It’s great!

What I brought along

I brought two Oscha carriers along for the others to try and I also had my Fidella Zen with soy yarn with me.
The Oscha carriers are very comfortable, but the price is what makes it less interesting for most educators to keep in their educator stash.
They had fun trying it and loved the ring waistbelt just like me!


About the wrap:

Organic cotton and 47% soy yarn in fuchsia and white .
Like every Fidella wrap it’s soft from the start and quickly softens with use.
It has a lot of stretch and has a nice glide without being too slippery. Perfect for a slipknot or a knotless tibetan finish!
It feels light and smooth, almost a bit silky with a nice drape.

I think it’s a great choice for high(er) temperatures, it feels cool and airy, is easy to wash and doesn’t take very long to dry.


For (heavy) toddlers I would prefer a multilayer carry and because of the stretch you’d need to make sure to tighten properly to avoid sagging.
It’s suitable for both newbie wrappers and more experienced babywearers.

Like every Fidella wrap it’s wide (around 80cm), but as it’s not a thick wrap I don’t feel like the width is overwhelming for smaller babies.
I can imagine this being a summer favourite for me! Funky colour, comfy blend, nice design!

Some pictures: 







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