There’s one question that rises on my Facebook page every once in a while.
I try to keep my answers vague, leaving people to riddle about it.
Does she have a partner? Maybe she has a wife? Or is she a single mom? 

At first I didn’t really want to answer and I enjoyed reading the suggestions made in the comments.
But I’m ready to give some answers now 🙂


Truth is, I live with the most perfect guy.
I love waking up next to him, or just to look at him when he’s sleeping.
He’s so cute and showed me that love can only get more instead of less when shared.
I now know what unconditional love for a guy feels like and I know he admires me just as much.

He makes me laugh and when I look into his eyes I feel very blessed.
We spend a lot of time together, we’ve actually never been separated for more than an hour.
I’ve spend months waiting for our first blind date, knowing I would love him even before I ever saw him.

Sounds crazy, right?

And I know you would love to see him…. But you’ve been seeing him on my page almost every day. 🙂
He just turned 6 months old yesterday, my little Emile.
The only man in my home <3 (for now)




ps. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘single mom’, more a ‘co-parent’. Their dad is still very involved, eventhough we aren’t together anymore.

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