During my pregnancy some people assumed I would take a break this wintersemester, to stay home with my little boy.
I would love to, but I know it would be even harder to go back to my study when I have been at home for a long(er) period and I already missed out on a lot last year because of my health problems during my pregnancy. As I couldn’t find out any rules about bringing your baby along, I decided to just take the risk and hoped the professors would be okay with the fact that Emile joined the classes.
Emile wasn’t even 3 months old when my classes started. A perfect age to bring him with me, still sleeping a lot and nursing from time to time. As he gets older I think it will get harder, especially when he starts to crawl or wants to be entertained and doesn’t sleep for longer periods during the day.


I decided not to ask the professors beforehand, as I was too scared to get a ‘no’ for an answer.
It was great to see their reactions when they noticed the baby in my wrap. During my first class the teacher looked around and when he saw Emile he smiled and nodded his head to show his approval.
The next professor noticed it only after over an hour, because Emile suddenly made a sound. It was really funny 🙂
When Emile snores or makes other cute babysounds my fellow students chuckle. When he gets a bit louder sometimes the professor reacts (‘he disagrees with me!’), but all in a very positive way.
Yes, I left the class a few times. Diaper changes, poop explosions (it happens!), colics or just because he’s restless.
Luckely it’s accepted to walk in and out as you like, so we just return whenever he settled again.


I study Multimedia Marketing and still have a few years to go (at least two, but I think it will be more).
Off course Emile is a distraction when he’s not asleep, but I try hard to pay attention and when the kids are asleep at night I recap the classes and work through my notes to fill any gaps.
It’s hard, studying full-time with 3 kids. Celine & Alice started at a new Kindergarten (after our move) and usually I drop them off around 7.30 a.m. and pick them up in the afternoon.
Planning ahead is really important. I try to stay on top of things, already repeating things we’ve heard in the classes so I don’t have to work my way through all the notes when the exams are coming up at the end of this semester. Speaking of exams, that’s one thing where I still have to figure out a solution. I don’t want to bring Emile along, which means I need to find someone who can take care of him during my exams.
I’m sure I will find a way 🙂


I love reading all the kind & encouraging comments whenever I post a university picture, but at the same time it makes me sad that it’s not possible in most other universities.
I hope to proof a lot of people wrong by finishing my education, in style, wearing a baby! (and to inspire other parents to do the same)


Emile is not always in the wrap, sometimes I lay him on the floor (on my wrap and/or jacket) as he’s just started discovering his hands and starts grabbing things.
Or he’s in my arms, wanting to move around. Let’s face it: most children don’t like to stay in the wrap for a long period when the wearer isn’t moving.
I usually wiggle, rock and nurse him, wishing for him to stay asleep. Must be nice to sleep with all the background noise of my classes.


Sharing some pictures:


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