A few weeks ago Celine turned 5.
With this blog I hope to share some perfect gift suggestions for your children’s wishlist.
Especially if you already own many toys it can be hard to choose which ones to add.

Heirloom toys

I prefer to gift my children toys with high quality that can be passed down through generations.
Mainly wooden toys, with non toxic paint and mostly handmade.
Ostheimer is high on our list, as well as other brands like Grimms, Tegu, Cuboro and Kapla.

We use a digital wishlist to add gift suggestions which can be lined through when someone buys the gift.
The owner of the list can’t see which gifts are lined through, but others who visit the list can. It’s easy & I try to keep it updated by adding suggestions for all kids and myself throughout the year.


I think it’s important to look at the current / main interests of your child if it gets to gift giving.
You can’t force your own favourites on to a child, if it’s not something that interests them at the moment.
Sometimes they get a great gift but they aren’t just at the right age yet and need a few years before they start to play actively with it.

Celine has come to an age where she can talk about her own wishes, which I then add to the list if it are toys I would endorse.
For her 5th birthday her biggest wish was a guitar. Her great-grandfather gifted her a Guitalele, as I preferred for it to be a ”real” playable guitar (not one of those toy guitars which can’t be tuned).
We’re looking in to get guitar lessons for her as well.

As Celine loves to build with Lego at the moment, there was also some Lego on her list.
Personally I’m not a huge fan of those pink ‘for girls’ sets, but Celine wished for the water dragon adventure so I did put it on her wishlist along with some other easier to build options (there is some Lego specific suitable for younger kids 4-7)

For a while now, Celine has been showing a lot of interest in birds.
She has a bird ‘fan’ with pictures and names of the birds, but didn’t have any bird toys yet.
Probably the perfect moment for some wooden birds and the Ostheimer bird tree.
I’ve added some bird flashcards to play with too.

We’re currently visiting my parents and some of the birds even had to join us on our trip.
Both Celine and Alice love them! Celine also got a lion as a birthday gift
I love how the kids can play with different kinds of animals together and it’s great to add to the collection with a small gift every birthday.
If you’re not sure where to start when getting Ostheimer animals, you could start with favourite animals or fairytales.
Just grow the collection along with your child, following their interests.

You can look at my pinterest for more gift suggestions in different price ranges.



Some pictures:


SAM_6224 SAM_6249 SAM_6267 SAM_6280 SAM_6309 SAM_6787

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Bird cards & wooden birds ♡♡♡ #ostheimerwoodentoys

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