I already wrote a post about our Woom bike ( here)
2 years later Alice(6.5) is still riding the same bike, she doesn’t fit on the larger size yet. Emile (4) and Celine (8) both have a Woom bike too, so we have quite a collection. 🙂 

Last year Emile got a Woom balancebike and earlier this year he moved on to a ‘real’ bike. It needed to be green. (Current favorite color) 
Emile doesn’t fit on Alice’s bike (woom 3) so he’s riding a 2 now. It’s a 14inch which should fit from about 95 to 110cm. (37 to 43 inch)

As an improvement compared to Alice’s bike, the chain has a protection now (to avoid dirty clothes). 

The weight of the bike is the main selling point (to me). Reading about other bikes where a 14inch weighs 8kg (or more), which is over 40% of my child’s bodyweight. I can only imagine how hard that must be to handle and manouvre a heavy bike for a child. The Woom 2 has a weight around 5kg. 
In the Netherlands there are now more other brands with a similar weight, but Woom still is one of the most lightweight ones. 

Every Woom bike arrives almost completely mounted. Add the handlebar, saddle and pedals and you’re ready to ride! It’s pretty simple and quick. 


There a bunch of small features that show how much thought went in to the details of the bike. It’s designed for kids so the handbrakes are made to fit children’s hands and are color coordinated (easier to tell which one is the front or the back). There’s no back-pedal brake, especially in the beginning when children are learning to start this makes it easier. 

There’s also a small rubber piece between the steeringfork and the frame, which makes it impossible to do too harse turns where a child can flip over the handlebar and fall. Hopefully it helps avoid some crashes

Read more about Woom  here

And here is a list with retailers

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