It has been one month since I’ve visited the Kind & Jugend fair in Cologne. Because of my course and travels I didn’t manage to write this blog sooner.
Kind & Jugend is a trade fair for professionals where you can check out all the baby and toddler products. Everything from clothing and toys up to tracking devices for stuffed animals and other gadgets!
Every year I try to attend to check out the newest babywearing products and meet with manufacturers.
This year I even went two days as there was so much to see.
The first day I brought Emile along and on Sunday Alice joined me.

It’s always nice to see new colourways, designs or even new carriers before they will be released.
I will share some pictures and information here (can’t promise it’s all that accurate, but I tried to write down details).



At Didymos I’ve tried their new babywearing cover and I’ve checked out some new colourways they brought along. They always bring along lots of different wraps to try and I love their rainbow background!
didymos didymoscover


Pure Baby Love

This Dutch brand makes very soft woven wraps, perfect for a newborn and with 85 euro for a size 6 they are fairly affordable compared to other brands. They showed new colourways and I really loved the dark grey and taupe! They also brought some jumpsuits along. Very soft, just like their wraps, organic cotton and even available in size 44.




Babylonia is one of those brands where I’m not sure why I haven’t owned more of their products…. Nice designs, good quality, fair prices. Emile and I stopped by for a chat and to see their new colourways for the upcoming season!

(Picture by Babylonia)



We tried a babysize (yes a bit small!) and I love their new standard colourways!
Also the blankets are very soft. Their Wunderland design is my favorite!

kokadi kokadituecher



This is the most exciting part…. Seeing new products before they are available or even when they’re only a prototype and not in the final stage before producing yet!


Interesting combination of elements I’ve seen before in other carriers.
Rings to adjust the fabric, similar to a Emeibaby and a V-shaped back that reminded me of the Stokke carrier.

Called ‘Manduca Duo’ this carrier is designed to combine the best of both a woven wrap and a full buckle carrier.
Adjustable to fit from birth. The first few months you can wear it without a waistbelt (very comfortable) and with Emile I’ve tried it with the waistbelt.
They allowed me to try it without instructing me too much, to see if it’s easy to put on for someone who’s familiar with other babycarriers.

(Pictures by Manduca / Wickelkinder)
14369930_1190251894330618_7367014214425621217_n 14370175_1190251830997291_2811957835620351221_n

The system with the buckles/snaps at the shoulderstraps in the front allows you to open the carrier to put your child in.
It also means you could keep it closed and transfer the carrier (with the child in it!) to another caregiver.
It’s designed to be used as a frontcarrier but I’ve seen people try a backcarry with it too.

Expected to be available from mid-2017.

manduca2 manduca


I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of their carriers before as they don’t suit my style and weren’t what I would consider ‘ergonomical‘ for the baby.
The new Cybex Yemaya is pretty cool though!
Still not really my style (maybe the birds of paradise version would suit me better!), but nice.

It reminds me of a suit and it even comes with a bag that looks like a suit cover bag. Fun detail!

The width of the carrier is adjustable to grow with your child. It adjusts with a velcro system which is easy to use.
The body is made out of stretchy fabric, the sleeping hood is hidden. The ‘wings’ or however you’d like to call them are mainly there for the looks.
I didn’t try the carrier with a tiny doll, but I think the parent will have a good view on the baby, even when the baby looks like it’s hiding behind the flaps.
As long as it doesn’t cover the airways it’s fine.
With 12kg Emile reached the weight limit already, but I had to try it and he still fits (he wears clothing size 80/86).
In a backcarry I felt like I’m wearing a shirt backwards, just because of the looks of the carrier.

sam_2573 yemayabeutel
yemaya yemayabackcybex2



They brought a new colourway of their carrier along:



Tried one of their new carriers, a fully printed canvas with heart design. I should have tried a toddler size, but it’s great!



Neko slings

I was wearing their toddler carrier when I visited. Their woven wraps are nice too & I’ve checked out their other designs and colourways.



Of course I also had to try this carrier!

(Pictures by Moby)
14344705_1784827335094027_2637971236903439183_n 14364723_1784827418427352_5599062864550860342_n




They celebrated getting certified according to USA Safety Normatives, ASTM 2236 -14 so I had to stop by and congratulate them.
Isara makes beautiful adjustable carriers. I’ve a babysize and got to try a toddlersize at their booth.



Babywearing jackets

Wombat improved their design and quality, which also means a slightly higher price.
Mamalila added a hood to support the head, as you usually can’t reach for the sleeping hood of your carrier underneath the coat. Very smart!


wombat mamalila


Beyond babywearing


This nature table still is mesmerizing to me. It’s called ”everchanging scenery” and you can find more information on the website of Designer Lin Yu-Nung.

Rearfacing carseats! It’s always nice to see there are more brands bringing (extended) rearfacing carseats to the European market.
(Picture of Britax Römer & Diono )



With her Småfolk jumpsuit and bonnet I had to take a picture at the Småfolk booth. She wasn’t up for it, but with her Squiz (reusable pouch) she finally held still long enough.


Alice was wearing her Stonz rainboots when we walked by the Stonz booth.
They have new booties with a more durable sole for kids who walk.

(picture by Stonz)




Woven wraps and hammock brand (Amazonas) made it’s way on to our wishlist with this cozy hanging chair. They have a big one or a children’s version!


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